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What Makes Queensway Real Estate Brokerage different than the Rest?


* No Desk Fees, No Deal Fees, No Fees Period!

* Full Training and Ongoing Support  (Dedicated Training and Support Manager)

* Powerful CRM Client Relationship Manager program that keeps in touch with your clients and sets reminders

* Agent Reference Manual full of useful and proven real estate career building information

* Full Office Use 24/7 (equipped with desks, wifi, printer/ scanner private rooms)

* Weekly Leads (Start making an income right away and grow your business)

* Business Cards are Included

* No Term Contract

* 85/15 commission split

Part Time or Full Time agents, both are welcome.

 call 416-259-4000 for more info and a quick phone call to see if we are a good fit for you.


Many new realtors finish their course and are eager to jump into the real estate business…but few realize that it’s very competitive and it takes time to establish yourself… There are many traditional ways to “get new clients” such as cold calling, door knocking, flyers, etc… all very tedious and don’t really work. 

Regardless if you are new or an experienced agent, we have a different approach to success in real estate, we provide rental leads through which you meet qualified tenants who do not have a real estate agent and potentially can be converted to buyers or who will eventually become buyers in the near future.  It’s simply one of the best ways to meet new clients that do not have a real estate agent and grow your client base. 

 All leads are provided, and depending on the time of year and how busy the rental market is, we can provide  5-10 leads a week. These are not typical leads that you have to cold call, these are solid clients that are looking to move and rent a place in the next month or two. 

 Potential Income Example:  In Rentals…  the going commission is half a month rent of the monthly rental price of the place you rent.  So for example: On a typical rental, an average 2 bedroom condo in Toronto rents for $1800. You get $900 Commission plus HST, =$1,017 You complete 2 rentals a week, that will be a potential income of $7,200 per month plus HST 


For further information please send us an email at  info@queenswayrealestate.com or simply call us at 416-259-4000.