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Would you like to join the ranks of successful real estate agents? Do you have an outgoing personality, love to interact with people? Consider joining our team:

Here is what makes us different from other real estate agencies;

Starting out in real estate is tough and the drop out rate is 8 out of 10 in the first year.  Many new realtors finish their courses and are excited about breaking into the real estate industry…but few realize that it’s very competitive and it takes time to learn and become familiar with the business.  While other brokerages focus on locking you into a contract and monthly fees, we focus on training, leads and everything you need to succeed.

Our brokerage will provide Full Training, Ongoing Support and Office space, without any DESK FEES, MONTHLY FEES or OFFICE USE FEES. Additionally we also provide you with client leads on a daily basis, which allows you to start working and earning an income immediately.

For further information please send us an email at  info@queenswayrealestate.com or simply call us at 416-259-4000.


Here is what we have to offer in detail.

* No Desk Fees, No Deal Fees, No Fees Period!

* Full Training and Ongoing Support  (Dedicated Training and Support Manager)

* Powerful CRM Client Relationship Manager program that keeps in touch with your clients and sets reminders

* Agent Reference Manual full of useful and proven real estate career building information

* Full Office Use 24/7 (equipped with desks, wifi, printer/ scanner private rooms)

* Weekly Leads (5-10 per week)

* Business Cards Supplied (500 cards)

* No Term Contract (free to transfer anytime)

* 85/15 commission split

Part Time or Full Time agents, both are welcome.


We have a program where we provide rental leads, as well as training and support for you to get to know the business, while at the same time potentially making $5000 - $6000 - $7000 per month or more. Some of those clients will be open to purchasing and others will end up looking to purchase a property in the near future..either way, you end up building a relationship and growing your client base.  With our company All Leads, Training and Office space is provided without any DESK FEES, MONTHLY FEES or OFFICE USE FEES. (unlike all other agencies)